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For Photographers, what is gone is gone forever ... photograph is hold the breath when all your faculties are combined before a runaway reality 


Henri Cartier-Bressom


Bressom is one the most relevant photographers of the 20th century, known for both his technique and precision when it comes to capturing the “decisive moment”.

Following that idea, what fueled my obsession for photography was not only the possibility to perpetuate memories but also the desire to register, within in a movement, the moment in which all moving elements are balanced and create a unique image.

I gradually became more conscious of the constant evaluation upon a photographer’s sight. You have the power to combine lines by just moving a few millimeters. Therefore, as other artists, a photographer may design and create.

As I set my mind to further explore the world of photography, I started my Degree in Photography at Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, where I learnt one makes photography instead of “taking” it.

During my academic journey I collaborated with the Photographer Ana Luísa Silva, who guided me through several fashion and advertising projects for a variety of media channels in Portugal. Some of which were as follows: in television – SIC, Fama Show; magazines – Caras, Flash, J; and newspapers.

I have also had the opportunity to exhibit my works in established venues such as Cordoaria Nacional, Sopro Gallery, Museu da Cidade, amongst others.

After the conclusion of my Degree I developed my work in Lisbon for another year with the same team, before returning to Madeira in 2013 to launch myself as a freelancer photographer. 

Already back in my home town I reached out to Photographer Henrique Seruca, with whom I have been working as a partner in advertising projects for different companies.

With the desire to grow gradually, I started the brand PMAF and dedicated my work to architectural photography and advertising for a range of specific clients, hotels and companies. That led me to initiate my own company in 2019, Narrativa Portatil – Photography.

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